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Hydrostatic, Disinfection & Sampling

We'll fill, purge, pressurise, test, disinfect, flush & sample your new water main. We have the staff, equipment & experience to complete the compliance of your main to make sure it's ready to connect

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Sewer Vacuum & Deflection Testing

When it comes time to vacuum & deflection (ovality) test your new sewer pipeline and manholes make sure to call in the experts with all their own equipment and local experience needed

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CCTV Inspection of Sewer & Stormwater Lines

Once your sewer and storm water lines have been flushed you'll need our CCTV inspection service using the latest WinCan software & 4x4 capability to inspect & report the lines and structures

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HDPE Sewer Structure Liner Supply & Welding

We supply, prepare and extrusion weld all HDPE sewer structure liners as required by the local specifications. Make sure your deep sewer manholes, discharge manholes or pump stations are compliant

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A complete mobile service

TestX provide a complete mobile NATA Accredited Pipeline Testing & CCTV Inspection Service as well as HDPE Liner Supply & Extrusion Welding for sewer manholes. We service the civil, construction, plumbing and water/sewer supply industries. Our calibrated mobile testing facilities with cloud based reporting systems allow us to produce NATA Accredited certificates while in the field. This enables you and your team to continue with your project uninterrupted, rather than wasting time waiting and chasing scanned documentation.

We regularly complete work within the jurisdictions of;

Let us show you how easy we can make your pipeline compliance. It’s what we do!

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