TestX provide a consistent and complete mobile NATA Accredited Pipeline Testing Service in addition to HDPE Liner Supply & Extrusion Welding to the civil, building and water/sewer supply industries. Our fleet of testing units are completely mobile, self sufficient and when teamed up with our cloud based reporting systems, allow us to produce NATA compliance certificates in the field. This in turn enables your project to continue uninterrupted.

Our experience in the civil, construction and plumbing industries along with our compliant equipment make us your trusted NATA Accredited testing partner



Hydrostatic Testing involves filling the new water main with potable water from the lowest point, whilst purging air from the pipeline from the highest point and totally filling with water. Once filled, our industrial grade high pressure pumps are connected to the system and additional water is injected to raise the internal water pressure to the required system test pressure.  This pressure is then held, make-up water recorded and the pipeline inspected as per the specification of the project.  At the conclusion of the test an onsite report is completed, uploaded to the cloud for approval, then emailed to the client detailing the results or any defects to be rectified.

Our clients generally require hydrostatic testing to AS2566.2-2002 Clause 6.3, WSA 01-2004, WSA 03-2011, SEQ D&C Code or AS3500 for those Plumbing Code townhouse or high-rise projects.

As part of our dedicated NATA Accredited Pipeline Testing Service, we offer a complete hydrostatic testing service by our fully trained personnel. We are able to certify testing of any specification from the above national standards, through to local council and project specifications for those particularly unique jobs. With the experience of our onsite and office staff we are able to advise our clients about each stage of the testing procedures and specifications to achieve the best results.