TestX provide a consistent and complete mobile NATA Accredited Pipeline Testing Service in addition to HDPE Liner Supply & Extrusion Welding to the civil, building and water/sewer supply industries. Our fleet of testing units are completely mobile, self sufficient and when teamed up with our cloud based reporting systems, allow us to produce NATA compliance certificates in the field. This in turn enables your project to continue uninterrupted.

Our experience in the civil, construction and plumbing industries along with our compliant equipment make us your trusted NATA Accredited testing partner



Following a satisfactory hydrostatic test we disinfect new drinking and non-drinking water mains. As we inject Sodium Hypochlorite into water drawn from the existing mains and flush through the new mains, any pathogens such as bacteria, viruses or protozoans are killed. After the disinfectant dosage is applied and held for the required time, the pump is reconnected and then injects Sodium Thiosulphate to the released super chlorinated water to neutralise the additive.

Once the main has been chemically ‘cleaned’ we can commence flushing the new main with fresh water to remove any remnants of the disinfectant and further debris.  Now the main has been prepared, water samples are collected onsite then deposited at one of our NATA Accredited laboratory partners and the analysis of the water is then supplied to the client on their return.

This entire process is completed in accordance with WSA 03-2011 Appendix I and our NATA Accredited water sampling procedures.  All work is performed by our highly trained sampling personnel, complemented by our panel of NATA Accredited laboratory partners.