TestX provide a consistent and complete mobile NATA Accredited Pipeline Testing Service in addition to HDPE Liner Supply & Extrusion Welding to the civil, building and water/sewer supply industries. Our fleet of testing units are completely mobile, self sufficient and when teamed up with our cloud based reporting systems, allow us to produce NATA compliance certificates in the field. This in turn enables your project to continue uninterrupted.

Our experience in the civil, construction and plumbing industries along with our compliant equipment make us your trusted NATA Accredited testing partner



Clean sewer and storm water pipelines are a requirement for almost all new developments at numerous stages throughout construction & handover.

The Test X vacuum/jetter combo truck is fully equipped to handle all types of pipe from domestic & residential pipes, up to large infrastructure. With multiple jetting hoses and pressure of up to 2200psi from our large 267L/min jetter, our equipment can handle even the largest of pipes.

Our jet/vac combo truck’s vacuum capability allows for cleaning of sensitive pipelines & environments, ensuring that minimal spillage or waste enters the environment.