TestX provide a consistent and complete mobile NATA Accredited Pipeline Testing Service in addition to HDPE Liner Supply & Extrusion Welding to the civil, building and water/sewer supply industries. Our fleet of testing units are completely mobile, self sufficient and when teamed up with our cloud based reporting systems, allow us to produce NATA compliance certificates in the field. This in turn enables your project to continue uninterrupted.

Our experience in the civil, construction and plumbing industries along with our compliant equipment make us your trusted NATA Accredited testing partner



CCTV inspections are increasing in popularity due to the ease and speed that pipe defects and conditions can be reported. They are used to identify infiltration (and exfiltration), obstructions, debris, pre & post-construction condition and inclination. With our Laser Profiling equipment, we can also create 3D images of an entire pipeline to identify possible flow restrictions do to pipeline ovality.

All of our CCTV inspections are carried out by our licenced CCTV inspectors to meet WSA 05-2013 (Conduit Inspection Reporting Code of Australia) and AS3500, depending on the job and client requirements.

A download link is made available for our clients to easily obtain reports and footage. This makes forwarding the report & footage to stakeholders simple as only the link needs to be sent. A USB can be made available onsite if requested.