TestX provide a consistent and complete mobile NATA Accredited Pipeline Testing Service in addition to HDPE Liner Supply & Extrusion Welding to the civil, building and water/sewer supply industries. Our fleet of testing units are completely mobile, self sufficient and when teamed up with our cloud based reporting systems, allow us to produce NATA compliance certificates in the field. This in turn enables your project to continue uninterrupted.

Our experience in the civil, construction and plumbing industries along with our compliant equipment make us your trusted NATA Accredited testing partner



Pressure testing, either low pressure air testing or vacuum testing, is only qualitative as pressure losses do not directly reflect water leakage rates.  It is used to identify points of leakage and potential infiltration and exfiltration due to damaged pipe seals and joints.

Testing is completed by isolating the test section of pipeline or structure using our own in-house inflatable plugs.  Positive or negative air pressure is applied to the test section using our specialised industrial vacuum pump or air compressors as required.  The system test pressure and pressure change is then monitored as per the specification of the project.  The required testing will vary depending on the type of project and region, but will ultimately be based on WSA 02-2002 (Gravity Sewer)WSA 04-2005 (Pumping Stations)WSA 06-2008 (Vacuum Sewer)SEQ D&C CodeAS2566.2:2002 Clause 6.4 or AS3500.  As we test a large variety of pipelines, in many different regions and states, we can confidently guide and assist you with selection of the correct specification for your project.

To make this process as stress free as possible; we complete our testing whilst being self sufficient.  All our testing personnel are confined space ticketed, plus we supply all testing and confined space entry equipment and related permits.

Ensuring we are your NATA Accredited Pipeline Testing Service you can rely on, we use our own range of sewer test plugs ranging from 35mm to 1500mm in diameter.  Our own regularly NATA calibrated gauges also ensure a reliable and consistent result for your project.